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May 15, 2007

Don Hertzfeldt

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Oh. My. God.

Just wrong. And hilarious. I loved that last sequence.

Bitter Films


May 2, 2007

Denis Darzacq

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La Chute
Denis Darzacq 1

Denis Darzacq 2

How does one build a life when you are in a constant state of free fall, and the only certain thing is death?

I love that the photographer took something so commonly maligned in Western culture – hip hop dance – and used it to comment on both that culture’s shortcomings and the emotions expressed by those dancers.

Originally found: “Freefall Photography — Denis Darzacq’s Jarring Statement on French Youth” — Photojojo

See Also:

“Down and Out In Paris” — The Guardian
Denis Darzacq

May 1, 2007

Wilfrid Daleus

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Cite Soleil
Cite Soleil

Cock Fight
Cock Fight

Dancing Child
Dancing Child

From his biography:

Born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, on November 20, 1949, Joseph Wilfrid Daleus started painting at the age of ten. A self-taught artist, Daleus, as everyone calls him, has no formal training in art. Often you will hear him say how God blessed him. Indeed, even in the most difficult moments of his life this feeling transpires and his paintings always unveil certain optimism. He can never predict what his next painting will be.

If I was a painter (and I have absolute no talent in that area), these are types of paintings I’d want to make. Colorful and emotional, with a touch of wonder and reverence that makes them almost like prayers or blessings.

See also:

Daleus Museum and Art Gallery

April 30, 2007


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Don’t Give Up

IWE (Live)

The Noisettes are a three piece bank from the UK that I’ve recently fallen in absolute love with.  Their album is pretty much on constant repeat in my CD player (I know I know).

The album is called What’s The Time Mr. Wolf, and it’s out now.  I scored mine for $9.99 at Best Buy, so what are you waiting for?

P.S. I have the biggest girl crush on Shingai Shoniwa it’s not even funny.

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Official Site




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Angular Momentum

Rampant Creativity

I read a lot of webcomics, and I’ll try to keep posts about them to a minimum, only highlighting the truly extraordinary. Luckily, xkcd fits that bill.

It’s unabashedly geeky, sometimes funny, sometimes heartfelt, but always interesting.

Tamara Blue – Thick Chicks

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Thick Chicks

God, I wish I still had cable.

For me, Def Poetry Jam is one of the best shows on television. I don’t love every poem and I don’t love every poet. But I love the spirit and creativity and humor and honest, heartfelt expression that everyone brings to the stage, whether they are a spoken word artist, an established traditional poet, or a celebrity guest. I like that they do it fairly simply and without the histrionics that sometimes accompany spoken word. Every show there’s at least one moment or one phrase or an entire poem that resonates for me – that I feel down to my core or that speaks to my reality. This video is one of those.

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Tamara Blue‘s myspace

Lasse Gjertsen

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A Self Portrait

Just about everything he has posted on Youtube is incredibly creative and well executed, but these were the two things I liked the most.

See also:

Lasses Shit, where you can download the audio to “Amateur” as well as some of his other music.

Plan B – No Good

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The song’s only ok, but the video is sick.

First seen: here.

High Tide or Low Tide

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Occasionally MTV does something right.

April 29, 2007

Slip of the Tongue

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Media That Matters Film Festival

See all the films from this year’s festival.

Adriel Luis (the poet)

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